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with our most significant issue with the economy, it's cut taxes and compensate for that with other things. but that compensation does not cover all of the cuts intended or the new expenses associated with defense. >> cenk: so interesting intelligent comments about mitt romney foreign policy and domestic policy. but john sunuunu has a different idea why colin powell is backing barack obama. >> frankly when you take a look at colin powell. you have to wonder if that is based on issues or is there a slightly different reason for preferring barack obama. >> what reason would that be. >> when you have someone from your own race who is president obama, i applaud powell for standing for him. >> cenk: the neo-cons and the fact that powell is crossing the republicans--no, no, no. this is what he sees. he sees colin powell and barack obama, look at that, they're both black. that's a classic case of projection. he thinks us republicans we vote based on race. if there is a black quite versus a white guy we vote for the white guy. that's what cool bin powell is doing, too. no colin powell has a brain.
and george w. bush. >> if you raise taxes on the so-called rich, you're really raising taxes on the job creators. >> stop this war on job creators. >> they're the same republicans with the same plan. they win the rest of us lose. can we afford to make this mistake again. >> cenk: as we turn to heavy duty campaigning about president obama take our advice? you listen to him talking about these are the same old republicans. why would you make that mistake again. watch. >> obama: in the closing weeks of this campaign, governor romney has been using all his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly the very same policies we've been cleaning up after for the past four years and he is offering them up as change! giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change! another $5 trillion tax cult that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> cenk: president obama's campaign team, you're welcome. all right now we're going to bring in michael shure our political correspondent. i understand that
that the middle class is growing. >> you vote or you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry. i'm told that's not accurate. >> i'm tired of bronco bamma and mitt romney. >> it will be over soon abby. >> cenk: this is fun. presidentpresident obama is in ohio. he has a couple of elbows of his own. >> you have folks at the jeep plant who is have been calling their employers worried, is it true are our jobs being shipped to china? and the reason why they're making these calls is because governor romney has been running an ad that says so. except it's not true. everybody knows it's not true. the car companies themselves have told governor romney to knock it off. >> cenk: all right, that's pretty good. you know when he gets excited his voice goes up a little--not true. but it isn't true. both candidates have been crisscrossing the country especially president obama. i get the sense that he might go to ohio a couple of times. tell me about it. >> but a look at the rest of his campaign schedule makes the buckeye state look like an airline hub for air force hub through election day. for his part mit
factors. ross perot running and getting 19% on the fact that he had -- read my lips, no new taxes. the economic woes of that year. but nevertheless, his inaction of andrew was noticeable and in 2005, you know, george w. bush asked president his flyover of katrina got people very, very angry. in many ways, it hurt the republican party in 2008 along with the war in iraq and the economic crisis of '08, it was sort of the third horseman of the woes that w brought on the country that he didn't seem to care enough during the time of the katrina disaster. >> jennifer: you wrote about this in the great deluge. you wrote after katrina the gulf south region and the united states as a whole needed compassion. what it got instead was the incompetence of george w. bush who acted as though he were disinterested in a natural disaster in which there was no enemy to be found. bush's slow responses to the great deluge made americans ask if he was a bunker commander in chief. and many people would argue that he never recovered from th
that marijuana is legalized, regulated and taxes in the same way alcohol is. >> jennifer: is it going to pass that measure. >> the polls are very very close. i think it has a great shot. and it would be the first state along with washington to do it. >> jennifer: can you tell me how though get out the vote apparatus in colorado is and whether you are confident the president actually will win? >> i think this is the president's advantage. he has a big advantage in getting out the vote particularly the latino vote? colorado. i think that's where the obama campaign is the most focused where we have seen the most ad in denver and the media market overall that that ground game is so important now. >> jennifer: the people you listen to are they getting a lot of contacts? >> a ton of contacts. i haven't turned in my ballot yet -- >> jennifer: you better not say it on national tv. get out your cell phone right now. we're at the halfway point, folks of this two-hour edition of "the war room." climate change has taken a back seat in this entire election psych. will hurricane sandy
for 50 years and we were that arrested on her property that she still has to pay taxes for including the part that they took through eminent dough nine. >> cenk: that's amazing and telling. we're going to build this oil pipeline, we'll arrest you for trespassing on your own property. how do they justify that? >> eleanor fairchild her husband was in the oil business. she knows oil and pipe lines and doesn't have a problem with either. what she has a problem with is tar sands. it's going to be through the aquifer in texas which serves 10 million to 12 million people and industry and the fresh water drinking source and serves the ranch and farmland for irrigation water. tar sands is the dirtiest facile fuel on the planet. that is about the extraction process. if we put in the key stone pipeline, not just the southern portion which was fast tracked but the northern portion they're trying to resubmit plans for so it doesn't go through another aquifer, that is going to increase the development of the tar sands exponentially. it's plan is to increase by four times as far as i know. >> the g
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6